DigiWriMo (Day 1): We Are… #digiwrimo #altcv

We Are

This November, David and I are taking part in #digiwrimo. What’s #digiwrimo? It’s Digital Writing Month, “a 30-day adventure through the world of digital narrative and art”. Here’s what the website says (although we recommend you visit to read much, much more and get some great ideas):

Digital Writing Month is a (somewhat) insane month-long writing challenge, a wild ride through the world of digital writing, wherein those daring enough to participate wield keyboard and cursor to create digital projects of text, image, and/or sound in the thirty days of November. Modeled after the inspirational National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), DigiWriMo asks writers to be creative not just with their words, but also with other digital media —image, video, and sound — and with what those media can do. We will work to redefine “writing” in the digital, and not confine it only to words, but open up the possibilities of narrative and exposition within multimedia and multimodal projects. Where that “writing” resides, what it looks like, how it interacts with other works and authors, is entirely up to the wild imaginings of each DigiWriMo participant.

Visit DigitalWritingMonth.com to find out more and follow @DigiWriMo on Twitter

Day 1: We Are

We Are

Cat cuddles and scratches
Big feet, small feet
Runner and napper
Drowning in books and words and thoughts

We are…

Shared pain and halved pain
Memories in the making
Skinny latte and full fat chocolate
Sunday lunch and Peep Show

We are…

Always in the making
Frazzled and frizzy
Twitter and silly games
Historian and technophile

We are…

Looking forward, thinking back
In-jokes and shared secrets
Remembering history, making a future
A whole greater than the sum of our parts

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